Paris, France – Before

I’m going to Paris!


Here it is, I’m finally going to Paris! It’s that go to location that I’ve always wanted to go to and sometimes I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get there!

From the UK, Paris is so accessible and booking this whole trip was so easy and stress-free! I’m going with my friend Charlie who has been trying to get to Paris for the past four years and we’ve booked at the beginning of March, so about four weeks in advance.

All together, the things we booked in advance cost around £250. So super cheap! I had to get the train from Weymouth to London, which I think in retrospect was probably both the most expensive and the most stressful. That cost around £50 and that’s even with my handy little 16-25 railcard – Charlie ended up paying around £90. Our Eurostar was £71 each way and because we were under 25 years old, hello youth ticket!


This is probably my biggest tip when it comes to travelling. Make sure you check the ages on things. The amount of times I’ve almost paid full price for things when they could be so much cheaper because I’m less than a certain age. I’ll be sure to still be hunting for these deals when I scoot over the age of 26 (the age most of these things stop).

Instead of staying in a fancy Parisian hotel that would cost most of our limbs, we went with the trusty AirBnB. I will be an advocate of AirBnB until the cows come home and I can’t tell you how lucky we got with this one.

I made Charlie make the booking, that way when she set up her account she could use my referral code, which got her a tasty £30 off and has since given me £15 towards any future bookings I make. (That code is also linked here, and I’ll leave it at the end of this post. That way, we all win).

So, for now we’ve got a way to get there and back and a place to stay. We’ve made a note of the key places that we want to go to and I’ll be noting down all the nitty gritty bits of the trip to set your minds at rest if you’re the same anxious traveller that I am.

Happy travels,




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