Portland Bill, Portland, Dorset


Congratulations! While you haven’t won a million pounds from a Prince in a far away land, you have made it to my trusty little blog, which means you’re hoping to get away for a while.

I started this blog in March  2017 because I couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for elsewhere.

I wanted to travel, it’s always been my saving grace. From commuting to work for an hour on a train, to jet setting across the world to South Korea; people, places and stories are the things that I’ve come to thrive on.

However, while I love the new and I adore the getting there, I’m not so big on the unknown surprises that await you. I get travel nervous and it all comes down to my uneasiness of not knowing what to expect somewhere.

I’ve always suffered from it. I think it comes down to being stupidly organised. I have to know where I’m going to go, I have to know when it’s going to be open, what to expect there and how much it’s going to cost (if I can find a cheeky little deal in the process then I’m all game!)

Therefore, I hope that through my own experiences of travelling across the world – not that I’ve done loads, but trust me I’m planning on it – I can help to ease some of your own uneasiness.




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